American Staffordshire Terrier At-a-Glance

This is a dog with a fearsome, yet for the most part undeserved, reputation. While these are strong, muscular dogs with intense personalities, in reality, they are playful, devoted, and loving dogs with their families, including children.

Weight (pounds)
Male: 55-70
Female: 40-55
Height (inches)
Male: 18-19
Female: 17-18
Lifespan (years)

Dog Breed Group

Characteristics Ratings

We rate 19 characteristics for each breed, divided into three categories:
Highest Rated – Characteristics for which this breed is rated 4 or 5 stars (on a 5 star scale).
Neutral Rated – Characteristics that rated 3 stars.
Lowest Rated – Characteristics that rated only 1 or 2 stars.

Highest Rated

  • Good Family Dog
  • Kid Friendly
  • Low Shedding
  • Low Drooling
  • Friendly to Strangers
  • Protective Nature
  • High Intelligence

Neutral Rated

  • Good With Other Dogs
  • Likes to Play
  • Handles Change Easily
  • Easy to Train
  • High Energy Level
  • Low Amount of Barking
  • Tolerates Hot Climate
  • Good General Health

Lowest Rated

  • Suitable for Small Yards/Apartments
  • Good for Novice Owners
  • Tolerates Being Left Alone
  • Tolerates Cold Climate

General Overview

Amstaffs (as they are known) are highly intelligent dogs with a sweet temperament. They make excellent family dogs and are very protective of their house and their owners. Yes, these are aggressive dogs but only when they perceive a threat to their family. They are hardly the uncontrollable and ready-to-fight breed for which they are perceived.

However, their powerful and intimidating presence is enough to make anyone pause!

These are very intelligent dogs that are also a bit on the stubborn side, which makes training somewhat of a challenge, although they are also eager to please. They need an experienced owner who can set boundaries and provide firm but gentle training.

Amstaffs will quickly bond deeply with their family and become affectionate and loyal pets. Although they are good with children, they’ll need supervision when around smaller children. They can get excited when playing and their size and strength can accidentally knock over children younger than about six years old.

They are not always accepting of other dogs and do their best as the only dog in the family.

They are generally healthy and very easy to keep groomed. Their exercise requirements are modest and an hour or so of exercise, walking, or playing is enough to keep them happy.

Given proper training and socialization, you’ll be rewarded with an affectionate, loyal and protective pet that is happiest when spending time with its family.

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